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Long-Term Perspective

At Fluz Fluz, we are committed to building a sustainable business based on long-term thinking and strong prospects for annual growth. This strategy is based on the design of our Fluz network, which maximizes the benefits for customers, merchants and committed investors. Our Fluz redistribution system enables us to increase customer engagement, build share-of-mind and repeat purchases, resulting in higher conversion rates and lower marketing costs.

The Fluz way of doing business

We believe that the strength of our differentiated business model, community-centered culture and disciplined operation philosophy will provide key competitive advantages. These ideals are achieved through a careful interactive strategy, including substantive digital presence, with ambassadors and distributors of Fluz deployed to create trust, loyalty and understanding of the many benefits of Fluz Fluz for merchants and clients.

Investing into a new form of payment

Our digital code platform offers buyers an easier and more economic alternative, which can be used daily, from any location and device without restrictions. Connecting directly to the customer with the merchant we are strengthening relations with retailers. Major payment processors have recognized us as a valid payment method, allowing our digital codes to be processed by thousands of retailers where we operate. Our platform is ideally poised to integrate with alternative and innovative payment methods and coins.

Strategic Eco-System Alliances

We have formed a series of strategic alliances with international and local businesses specialized in a range of consumer goods and services, including gasoline, technology, telecommunications, sports, food, clothing, accessories and travel. We sell digital Fluz to retail giants.